I was born in Heraklion, Crete. I graduated from the Department of Public Relations & Political Communication, specializing in public relations within an organization. I then completed my Master’s degree in Human Resourses Management at Bolton University, which inducted me into the labour market. The following 15 years find me as an executive in both domestic and multinational companies combining my two great passions, public relations and sales. The first steps of my professional career were taken on the front line of sales and as the years passed I was promoted to Supervisor of large teams. Some of my primary responsibilities were the selection, training and mentoring of the sales department.

Through the studies, experience and methodology that I have developed over the years, I have been able to offer, with great success, to the companies I cooperate with, the creation of successful sales teams. These teams deliver the maximum in both quantitative and qualitative results and at the same time have very low attrition rates.

My goal is to keep the values of the team high and the results even higher!

The philosophy

The success of any organisation is inextricably connected to their people. With years of experience in both domestic and multinational companies, I can confidently state that the Sales Department bears the greatest share of responsibility for success or failure. The willingness of these employees to do their very best to achieve the required result and their willingness to face the challenges of the market on a daily basis are non-negotiable prerequisites for the prosperity, longevity and development of the company.

Working together

My faith in it and my passion for the sales industry is my guide. Together we select the members of the sales team with the right criteria, we plan and offer them up-to-date, high-quality, specialised training, we guide, we coach, we supervise, and we encourage. In other words, we create the best and most suitable conditions for the people who are members of the sales department to perform at their best, to bring the best possible results, growth and profitability to the organization.

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